STEAM Day Food Sale for Class of 2024 Fundraiser

STEAM Day Senior Class Fundraiser

Raised: $59
Goal: $1,500
STEAM Day Senior Class Fundraiser

Raised: $59
Goal: $1,500

Thank you for purchasing food at STEAM Day and donating to the Nea Senior Class of 2024 fundraiser to help raise funds for their end of year trip and prom.

Items Available for Purchase

$5.00 Kids Snack Pack

Kids Snack Pack
  • choice of chips or goldfish
  • oreo 2 pack
  • fruit snack
  • Cutie
  • water (8oz)

$5.00 Pastry & Drink Value Pack

Semifreddis Pastry and choice of drink
  • Peet's coffee, Arizona Green Tea, Apple Juice, or Large Bottled water
  • Variety of fresh made Semifreddis pastries  

$3.00 Peet’s Coffee

$2.00 Juice Pouch

$2.00 Bag of Chips

$1.00 Fruit Snack

$2.00 Bottled Water (pint)

$2.00 Oreo 2 pack

$3.00 Arizona Green Tea

$4.00 Semifreddis Pastry

Cash Donation Amount

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